Discipline and Conduct

Students should adhere to the following Rules and Regulations

  • iconEvery student should bring the school diary daily.
  • iconAll school property must be taken care of and no student should damage any of it. Damage done, even by accident should be reported at once to the appropriate authority.
  • iconEach class will be responsible for looking after all class property.
  • iconNo books other than textbooks or library books may be brought to the school.
  • iconStudents are forbidden to bring mobile/cell phones and other gadgets to school
  • iconThe school is not responsible for goods or money lost. Therefore, it is not advisable to bring any valuables (like expensive watches or ornaments) to school.

  • iconDriving of vehicles to school by students is not allowed and the parents are solely responsible for any deviance and eventualities.
  • iconStudents should not resort to unfair means during test/exams.
  • iconStudents should behave in a courteous manner wherever they go. They should always remember that the school is judged by their conduct
  • iconThe school reserves itself the right to dismiss students whose diligence or progress in studies is steadily unsatisfactory or whose conduct is harmful to the other students or whose guardians show little interest in progress of their wards
  • iconIndisciplined behaviour in the school bus will make the pupil ineligible to use school transportation
  • iconTo instill a sense of discipline, different houses are created with school captains and house captains. Points are allotted for their performances in various activities.
  • iconParents and guardians may not visit their wards or the teachers in their classrooms during class hours.
  • iconIn the event of an emergency, the parents can take prior permission from the Principal and meet the teachers and their wards.
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