Munchy Mondays

Every Mondays, students across the grades are encouraged to carry sprouts and veggies, for their snack/lunch breaks, in order to inculcate good eating habits among students. Teachers motivate and appreciate the students who follow the idea.

Fruity Fridays

On similar lines, fruits are made a part of the diet plan on Fridays, for snack or Lunch breaks. Each child is encouraged to carry any fruit of their choice for snacks or along with lunch.

Behaviour Trackers

Discipline at school throughout the day is ensured by the Behaviour Trackers, wherein at end of every period, the respective subject teacher rates the behaviour of the class on various parameters like completion of notes, participation, homework submission etc.

The class earns different smilies on the tracker, which is then converted to points based on which, at end of every fortnight, the best class is announced in the assembly. The top class earns an extra sports period. This has attracted the interest of all students.

Cleanliness Trackers

Cleanliness in-charges go around the various classes for random checks through the week, and gives points for the same. This helps in involving student participation, in maintaining the premises and also inculcates a sense of responsibility and civic sense in all.

Late coming digital Trackers

House Leaders track and regulate late comers by using Tabs through which they automatically cut points for regular latecomers house.


Every thrice a week, a period is dedicated to SEP which is a crucial step-up grade for 6 and 8, is an accelerated enrichment program for gifted students. Through this program, we teach additional related material to provide them with further information on their subjects. This advances the students through the standard curriculum faster than normal.


Through these extra classes, we provide additional support to students, with the aim of accelerating their learning progress and help them catch up with their peers and meet learning standards of their grades.

Reader Of The Month

In order to encourage reading habits among the students, we have introduced Reader Of The Month Awards, which is given away every month based on their reading track record, provided by the librarian. Students have to give a short brief on the books they have read, to the rest of the class.

Activity Periods

The last two periods, every Fridays are the activity periods where students of 3-7 go to different rooms or designated places to pursue activities of their choice. These range from Public speaking skills, Math Club, Quiz, Taekwondo Music etc.

Ignite A Thought

In this feature introduced during assembly everyday, we have students speaking for a few minutes on any topic of relevance to them. They are given freedom to choose their own topic and sometimes guided by their teachers.

The idea of introducing this during assembly was to inculcate public speaking skills and a much needed confidence boosting forum.

Students get a platform, to get over the fear of public speaking, early in life. They can also speak on any talent they posses and display the same, like singing, music, Rubic Cube, poetry recitation etc.

Quiz Time

Everyday in assembly, various teachers, conduct quiz on current affairs, in rotation.

Different classes get different questions and children pick up these information and facts quicker than from books, through these mass activities.

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