Digital Campus

Advanced Technology

The advanced technology available on campus includes the following:

  • iconWifi system for teachers and staff access
  • iconSmart boards in every classroom effectively connected by LAN
  • iconInteractive Smart LED panels
  • iconWell placed Close Circuit Television coverage, to monitor security and students movement.


A good Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool is essential for any education institution management for reaching their quality goals. And PARENTEYE is our CRM tool .

We realise how vital continuous improvement of parent-teacher engagement is, the active engagement of a teacher with students and parents is a key factor in assessing the quality standard of the institution. Parenteye provides insights into the quality of parent teacher engagements.

It's salient features are:

  • iconTeachers and School authorities will get an overall academic performance and progress report of all students in the school through Mobile App.
  • iconParents can get all the details of programmes conducted in school with its photos and videos.
  • iconHome works and assignments with necessary attachments sent by teachers will help parents in assisting their wards.
  • iconParents can view the school calendar too.
  • iconHelps teachers to send any diary notifications to the parent and get an acknowledgment of the same.
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