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    Parents' Views
    Hello! I am T. Raghavendra. My daughter Anagha is a student of the Regency Public School, right from her Kindergarten days. I am indeed very pleased with the development of The Regency Public School over the past few years. The teaching sessions in the classes are very interactive as well as educative. The school has many modern techniques like the EZ Vidya for the primary classes and the Educomp Smart class for the higher classes. These enable the students to understand the topics easily. I would say that I am highly impressed with the school.

    I am Ms. Shubha K. Parent of Shree Devi of class IX B. My daughter has been studying in Regency from her first standard. I am very fortunate that I picked up this school for her. Here we have all kinds of facilities like good infrastructure, excellent teaching faculty, very co-operative management and of course a friendly peer group. The school encourages all kinds of sports and other extracurricular activities. Participating in all these activities has made my daughter super confident, interactive and studious. I am sure she will pass her tenth board in flying colours and make the school proud.

    Students' Views
    Hello, I am Deekshitha an ex-student of Regency and I have very pleasant memories of my school. Be it my peer group or my teachers I found them amiable, perfect and commendable. We were given opportunities in every aspect and we could exhibit our talents in a profound way. I paved my way up the basketball court and today I am an excellent player. Thank you Regency for all the training ! I shall always cherish my days with you.

    I am Aneesha S. Bhat of class IX A. My School is very special to me as I have spent more than ten years in this school. I love my school because it fulfills every need of mine. Be it studies or the curriculum I find it very accommodative. Teachers and friends alike are very loving. All our teachers encourage us not only in studies but also in other extracurricular activities.I simply adore my school and I am proud to be studying in The Regency Public School

    I am Adhithi Dravida of class IX B. This is my first year in Regency but I feel that I have been studying here for years. This is because the atmosphere here is extremely friendly. The teachers are exceptionally good and well versed in their respective subjects. I like the way the assembly goes on with a wonderful theme every morning. The yoga sessions are very beneficial to health. Here the students are recognized as a unique individual. We are given ample scope to exhibit our inborn talents. I simply love Regency!

    I am Manoj of class XB. I joined Regency in the year 2006 for my 2nd grade. I have got along like fire since then and there has been no turning back. Be it academics or extracurricular activities, I have excelled and won acclaim. The school has inculcated all that it requires for me to be the best future citizen of India. I shall keep the flag of my school flying high where ever I am.

    Hi, this is Mohd. Riazudeen an ex-student. It is my pleasure to talk about The Regency Public School. This is where I got all my knowledge from. The teaching and non-teaching staff of the school are forever etched in my heart and mind. I can still hear their kind words and advice. The teachers are very experienced and highly qualified. I was very new to Bangalore when I joined the school. The Kannada teachers taught me how to speak fluently in Kannada and this helped me feel at home in this wonderful city. The school played an important role in my life. The influence of this school has placed me in one of the top colleges of Bangalore. I am really grateful for all that the school has done for me. I miss my school life and will always cherish my memories of it.

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