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    At the pre-primary level, we have three classes, Pre-Nursery, Prep I and Prep II. We follow a blend of Montessori and play way system which gives a perfect foundation for the three R's (Reading, Writing and Arithmetic). Our classes are always colourfully decorated as per the occasion and provide an enhancing atmosphere for the procedure of learning and development of skills.


    Class I to III follow an activity oriented curriculum. We convey concepts through interesting activities, be it math, environmental science or languages. The task is set by the teacher and the students participate in an active manner to understand concepts clearl Hence work is always blended with fun

    Middle and High School

    Class IV to X are more focused and intense. They work their way through the curriculum with the help of presentations and projects in science and social sciences. For language the strategy of drama and role play is undertaken. Various competitions at all levels are held throughout the year for all round development. The Educomp board comes in very handy for teaching and for students' presentations.

    Field Trips

    To make classroom teaching more effective and productive our students are taken on field trips to subject related places so that they can relate the concepts learnt in class with what they see in person. The students of grade IX and X were taken to Vidhana Soudha to view a live assembly session. The students of grade V and VI were taken to the planetarium. This kind of exposure increases the level of confidence in our children. We also have recreational trips once a year so that the students get to have some fun as well. The visit to Wonderla by our class VIII and IX students was something that they simply enjoyed. Class VI visited the Dream Land Park.

    Academic Evaluation

    To ensure that the students are regular with their daily studies, the teachers of different subjects take turns during the week days to give the home work. We have four unit tests spread evenly throughout the year. We also have two terminal exams, one at midterm and one at the end of the academic year. These exams are conducted in a very strict and professional manner. Students are issued hall tickets and they are shuffled and put in different classes. This way the seriousness of exams is felt by the students and they work hard very sincerely to do well. Ample revision is given before the tests to ensure good performance by the students. Based on the results of the above said tests and exams, students are given remedial classes. Merit cards are also presented to students who score 85% and above. This motivates the students to perform to the best of their ability.

    Preparation for the X standard board exams

    Students who take up board exams are said to be in severe stress. But at Regency the question for this kind of stress never arises as we prepare our students in a very systematic way, well before the exam.We also schedule a time table for short tests, one subject per day every morning . The feedback of these tests is given to the parents so that they are also brought into the picture about their ward's progress. There are around four preparatory exams. Besides they also solve lots of previous question papers. Hence our students are absolutely stress free and are able to write their exams confidently.


    To improve students' vocabulary, they are encouraged to read books from the library, newspapers and magazines other than the regular school books. A dictation is held weekly once to improve their spellings. A spell bee competition is also held during the academic year.

    General Knowledge

    There are a number of encyclopedias in the library. These come in very useful when they have to do their projects. We also have a G.K. class every week for the primary and middle school. We follow prescribed books and students are evaluated and graded on this


    Any amount of learning is not good if one is unable to present it properly and neatly. We have also allocated a separate period handwriting so that the students can be guided to write neatly and legibly.

    Physical Education

    Physical Education is also given due importance in our curriculum. Weekly once, the students are brought down to the ground for mass P.T. Here they learn to be totally disciplined, when together as a mass squad, they perform various exercises.


    Health is Wealth and yoga definitely plays a role in achieving it. Yoga classes are held under the supervision of a trained Yoga teacher. Thrice a week, during assembly, children do "Surya Namaskara" as well.

    Value Education

    To make education wholesome and complete, we cultivate good values amidst our students through our value education classes. Here we have launched the "School Cinema" which is a series of small stories, beautifully filmed. Each story is based on live school and class room situations. After viewing it, a discussion among the students and the facilitator ensues and they arrive at an optimum conclusion. At Regency we emphasize the importance of all round development of the individual. Hence the curriculum includes Music, Dance, Singing, Art and craft with specialized resource people to coach the children.

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